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Pressure Sensors - PSQ

The Onyx Isolator Ring provides a simple, accurate method to measure pressure of slurries and corrosive fluids. The PSQ series is compatible with Tri-Clover pipe connections. Quick connection to Tri-Clover pipe provides accurate alignment and fast installation.

The inside diameter of the PSQ precisely matches sanitary pipe for smooth, unobstructed flow, self-cleaning operation, and minimum turbulence and friction. Onyx ultra-deep vacuum filling insures the highest accuracy in the industry. The patented �Module Seal� � standard on all Onyx Isolator Rings � allows instruments to be or replaced or calibrated without interrupting the process.

Benefits Listed:

  • Absolute immunity to clogging
  • Tri-Clover fittings allows for quick disconnect from piping system
  • FDA Silicone oil fill fluid is safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and stable from -40�F to +400�F
  • High displacement design can operate multiple instruments on one ring
  • Ideal for brine, pickling solutions, tomato paste, chilies, mustard, pet food, and chocolate
  • No tools required to change pressure instrument
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