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Pressure Sensors - PSR

The Onyx Isolator Ring provides a simple, accurate method to measure pressure of slurries and corrosive fluids. The PSR series is compatible with flanged pipe connections. The full face thru bolt holes match the bolt circle of mating flanges for accurate alignment making it the ideal choice for use with non-metallic flanges.

The inside diameter of the PSR precisely matches standard pipe for smooth, unobstructed flow,self-cleaning operation, and minimum turbulence and friction. Onyx ultra-deep vacuum filling insures the highest accuracy in the industry. The patented �Module Seal� � standard on all Onyx Isolator Rings � allows instruments to be or replaced or calibrated without interrupting the process.

Benefits Listed:

  • Absolute immunity to clogging
  • Available with either 150# or 300#
  • Integral snubber eliminates gauge fluctuations at no additional cost
  • Instruments can be replaced without vacuum filling
  • Immune to errors caused by ambient temperature fluctuations
  • No tools required to change pressure instruments
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