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Pressure Sensors - Diaphragm Seal Model K

The Onyx Model-K series diaphragm seal provides outstanding protection for pressure instruments against chemical attack and corrosion.

The exclusive convoluted rolling diaphragm design features:

  • Compact design takes up little space and light weight
  • High available displacement volume can drive multiple instruments with a single diaphragm seal, including instruments with large bourdon tubes or diaphragms.
  • High system accuracy is assured by the combination of large surface area and ultra-low modulus of elasticity of the diaphragm element.
  • Teflon-coated Viton diaphragm offers outstanding chemical compatibility with a wide variety of process fluids. Wetted materials of construction include 316-stainless steel, PVC, and Kynar for broad based chemical resistance.
  • Optional Clamp-Ring design enables users to remove the pressure instruments with the top half of the diaphragm assembly without fill fluid loss or compromising the vacuum seal.
  • Optional flush port is available for cleaning in place.
model K photo
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